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With majestic views of the Wasatch Range, Built Bar is headquartered just 45 miles south of Salt Lake City, Utah (home of the 2002 Winter Olympics and "the best snow on earth"). Our team is passioniate about creating the most amazing tasting protein bars on the planet that also have the best nutritional profile. We are dreamers, just like you. We are innovators, just like you. We are committed to the fitness nutrition industry, with a passion for success. And we measure our success by your success.

Luke Tolley, founder and molecular chemist, has been making his own exotic chocolates for over 20 years. He finds and buys his own cocoa beans, and then using his background in molecular chemistry, he looks for ways to create new flavors and combinations. The result? The most perfect texture and taste in a wholesome bar that has only 110 calories, yet still packs 15g of protein and 4g of fiber. As the chocolate hits your mouth, it instantly creates a taste sensation that makes you feel like you just ate something really naughty. Experience for yourself how incredible 110 calories and 15g of protein can taste.

Continual Improvement

Continual improvement is what we strive for as individuals, as a company and in our products. We strive to hire team members that are not only interested in improving the company and our products, but improving themselves mentally, physically and spiritually.


Integrity is the ability to always make choices based on truth; irrespective of specific circumstances. When a mistake is made, a person with integrity will immediately seek to rectify the situation to the maximum.


Leadership is not a position or title, but rather the ability to influence others in a positive and powerful way. Each and every person can be a leader not only by the example they set but also by how they interacts with the entire team.


Intensity can be defined as the inner passion and resolve that propels a person to success despite any obstacles or roadblocks that might be in his or her path. Intensity forces a person to be focused on their results, despite other exterior distractions that might exist. Intensity is the competitive drive to achieve greatness through hard-work and maximizing each and every minute of the day.


To be self-governed means that each person is intrinsically motivated and accountable for their progress, regardless of whether their manager or peers find out. It means that each person holds themselves responsible for maximizing the use of their time and resources each day.

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1822 reviews

These are some of the best protein bars I've ever had!! The chocolate mousse is just like a three musketeers bar and the coconut is just like a mound bar! Will definitely order again!

Great flavor!

This is an amazing protein bar! Tastes great! Very satisfying!

Salted Caramel

The bars tasted great. The texture was different than other bars but not at all unpleasant. Highly recommend for on the go people looking for an easy way to snack on healthy food


These protein bars are be far the best tasting I have tried. I love the marshmallowy texture inside and the real dark chocolate coating. My favs so far is the coconut and raspberry.

My Absolute Favorite Bars

I have tried many bars that have always left me either still feeling hungry or tasted awful. This bar tastes amazing and leaves me feeling full. I will forever be a built bar consumer. All flavors tastes great, however, the coconut its just incredible.