Unlike all the other bars out there that taste either like old playdough or a piece of cardboard, when you eat a Built Bar, you will think you are cheating on your diet with a delicious chocolate dessert! If your kids find out how good these are, you are going to have to buy more because they will be begging for them!

"Eating my old protein bar was absolutely AWFUL! I did it because I wanted to be healthy. Now I feel like I am cheating on my diet when I eat the tasty bar."

"I always wondered why did protein bars have to taste so nasty?! I stopped buying them simply because I hated spending money on something I hated to eat."

"I have been eating protein bars for 25+ years. I have tried everything. They all taste like GARBAGE! Finally a bar that I WANT to eat!"

"Ummm… why can’t people just make a bar that tastes good? ….thank you for rescuing me from old protein bars!"