10 Bar Sample Box

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10 Bar Sample Box

10 Bar Sample Box
110 Calories | 15g Protein | 6g Fiber
*Limit one (1) sample box order per household*
*Additional sample box orders will be canceled and refunded*
Find out why Built Bar is a top-rated protein bar in both texture and taste. Each bar is perfectly crafted to give the ultimate flavor experience. Not too sweet with just the right amount of all natural flavorings, never overpowering, no aftertaste protein bars are known for, and completely delicious. Try Built Bar's top-selling flavor selection in this 10 bar sample box. 
- 110 Calories, 15g Protein, 6g Fiber, 4g Fat, 4g Sugar
- Gluten Free
NO Artificial Flavoring or Coloring
- NO Artificial Preservatives
- NO Wax
- NO Junk
6 protein bar sample - builtbar.com

Customer Reviews

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Holy cow you guys I was super excited To get my variety pack to kind of see which ones I like the best :-) well I have tried quite a few of them and I have not found one that isn’t amazing. I put mine in the freezer for about an hour before I eat it and it taste just like a candy bar. Not even kidding LOL if you’re looking for an amazing bar I would try this one :-)

These are simply the best!!

They taste like candy bars, for real! Best if kept in the fridge to keep a soft consistency, otherwise they get way too soft. When in the fridge they don’t get that rock hard consistency either, so that’s great. They cover your cravings for chocolate for sure.

Caramel tastes sort of like coffee.
Mint does not taste like the Girl Scout cookie thin mint if that’s what ur hoping, it tastes like the old ladies chocolate and mint candies. Lol
I do say the fruity ones were quite surprising, Leon raspberry and orange were really good in my opinion.
Vanilla was meh ok.
Double chocolate I didn’t like at all really.
And heart for last COCONUT, just like a mounds bar! Def going to stick a few almonds in sometimes and tada you got yourself a healthy protein packed almond joy guilt free!!!

I highly recommend this great protein packed snack!!

I can’t wait to try the strawberry flavor next!!


I will admit, the texture is NOT what I expected when I received these.. but I LOVE THEM! They put me in mind of valentines chocolates! So, I save mine for my nightly sweet tooth! They're perfect and all three that I have tried so far are awesome! I only wish I could place a variety order for specific ones that I want instead of ordering a sample box of all 8 flavors, but if they're all as good as they have been so far it won't be an issue anyway!


New favorite protein bars!!!! I’m actually so sad I only ordered the sample box!! These bars taste like an actually candy bar and are soo creamy in middle!! Definitely ordering more ASAP!!!!!


I absolutely loved these bars!! I had heard about them through Instagram and I have to try them out!! I loved every single one of them! I plan to order more!! They are so good!!!


I love these bars, the flavor assortment is awesome and the chocolate flavor is great too!

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