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Delicious dessert!

Love, love, love the strawberry bars. Perfect combo of fruity chocolate that make a great after dinner snack. These hit the spot for me!

Built Bar
Put them in the freezer!

I saw that tip on a Weight Watchers site and they are amazing that way. These are addictive....can't skip a day.

What a Find

These bars are amazing. Taste great and feel like a real indulgence after working out. I couldn't be more excited about this find!

Best I've had!

This is by far the best tasting protein bar I have had. It truly tastes and feels like I'm eating a candy bar and I can enjoy without guilt!

Amazing bars!

I love the texture and taste of these bars. I have ordered them twice and will be a repeat customer! They are amazing! I recommend them to everyone! The coconut is my favorite.

I’m in love

I‚Äôm loving these! I‚Äôve been obsessed with the raspberry flavor since I first got my sample box a couple months ago ūüíė I‚Äôve placed 3 orders since then. I highly recommed these!
My least favorite flavors are mint chocolate and coconut chocolate but that’s because I don’t really like mint chocolate things, for me this mint flavor just consumed the whole thing. And I just can not stand coconut lol but really enjoy the others!

Also I prefer them chilled or frozen for a nice treat ‚ú®

Candy bar

Best bar ever! Every night I get to eat a healthy candy bar!!


I broke down and tried the bars, despite being apprehensive about the price,and I am glad I did. The texture takes some getting used to it, but I actually really enjoy it now, they are really good frozen as well. I am on WW, so these also make a nice point friendly sweet treat.

Get your candy fix and stay on track!

I absolutely love these bars. As a WW member, they are fantastic. Only 3 points for any flavor. I like that it's a protein bar that isn't all "carby". I used to be a Quest girl but prefer these. Pro tip- stick them in the fridge. Yummmmo!


These protein bars are like no other! Completes my chocolate/sweet fix with way less fat/calories/sugar/guilt! I’m a repeat buyer!


The strawberry and vanilla are my favorite but they are all good the chocolate is so good you have to try them

Awesome product and company

I have ordered twice and the product is amazing. Also received shipment quick. Any questions were answered promptly. I can NOT say enough good things. Great job great product. You will not be disappointed.

Best Bars!!

Best protein bars I have ever tried! And the care this company takes making sure your bars get to you is simply amazing!! Delicious product and I will be making my third order today !! Coconut is by far the best one to me

Thank You

The double chocolate tastes like a dark chocolate Three Musketeers. I love them. I use them as a treat to get me through WW just 3 smatrrt points each

So good

The best protein bars I have EVER tried!! Tastes just like a candy bar! Perfect for anyone doing WW they are only 3

The best tasting low carb bar I have tasted!!

I ordered a mixed box and have yet to try a flavour that is not scrumptious! I was not sure what to expect as a friend had referred me to these bars but they have surpassed all expectations. The outside is a dark chocolate and the inside is the consistency of a Milky Way bar. Great products Built Bar!!

Too good!!!!! OMG!!!!

I just got my Sample pack of Built Bars. Let me tell you, they came within a couple of days of me ordering which was awesome....And.. they taste AMAZING!!!! I will be ordering more !!!!!!!!

Chocolate and Mint = Yum!

This is one of my favorite flavors. I love how smooth and soft these bars are. They are the lowest calorie protein bar I've found and they taste delicious.

Strawberry Built Bars

Absolutely delicious protein bar! Light and sweet. More like a desert than a protein bar.


I have tried other protein bars and they have all either tasted funny or hurt my stomach after eating them. This product is tasty and doesn’t cause my stomach to hurt. I am so happy a friend sent me a link to this page.

Great snack that feels very naughty!

Y'all. These are, hands down, the best protein bars I've had that are not totally sugar-laden. While on the smaller side, it feels more generous given that it has more of a candy bar texture. You don't feel like you have to choke it down or suffer through a terrible texture, and it satisfies any sweet craving I might be having.

The inside is like this pillowy, gooey fluff,and I'm obsessed. The price is reasonable per bar, especially if you order more than one box, which is why I definitely recommend you get a sample pack or the big variety box so you can taste all the flavors before diving in on a bulk order.

Anyway, try them. Love them. Join the dark (chocolate) side.

Love these bars!

Love these bars!

Chocolate Coconut

I received my box of chocolate coconut bars today. I just had to try one tonight. It was very good and I didn’t notice any aftertaste that usually comes with high protein bars. It took a few days for the order to process, but once they shipped, they were here in 2 days from UT to TN! I have already ordered a variety box since this one was so good!

Delicious and guilt free

I love that these are made with real chocolate. They fit into the WW program and are really good and don’t make me feel guilty.

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