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Love, Love, Love
"I love the orange built bars but my very favorite one is the lemon built bar."
Denise M.
"Built Bars are by far the best protein bar I've ever eaten! I've been sharing them with friends, and they agree and have been ordering them as well! Thank you for making such a delicious, non-grainy bar that's only 3 Weight Watcher Points! Being on the Weight Watchers program and the bars being only 3 points has really assisted in my weight loss journey. They take care of my sweet craving! Thanks, Built Bar!! I will always be a loyal customer!"
Anna C.
Built bar feedback
"Good. It took eating a couple of different flavors to really learn to enjoy these bars. I keep them in the refrigerator and really like the taste of all of them. I also like the fact that I can have a filling snack for 3 points on WW."
Patricia E.
Da Bomb
"I’m going to eat a built bar everyday for the rest of my life!!!"
Jennifer M.
Coconut <3
"The coconut bar tastes like a marshmallow Mounds bar. Yum! "
Lacey A.
"I am a member of Weight Watchers and these bars are a lifesaver for me. Not only do they taste great, but they are the size of a regular candy bar and very filling. These bars could easily replace a meal. Built Bars are becoming very popular at our workshops!"
Julie O.
Yummo & WW friendly
"I love every flavor! Vanilla & chocolate bars are delish frozen. The fruity bars are great after a workout. I plan to continue to eat them almost daily. Weight watchers 3 freestyle points!"
Julie M.
Tastes like a Mounds bar!
"These bars are such a lifesaver for me! This flavor is hands down my favorite - tastes like an actual candy bar!"
Liana M.
I love Built Bars!
"I really love Built Bars! They are good tasting and fit well with my eating plan to improve my overall health and lose weight. I have enjoyed all of the flavors, but the Orange Chocolate Creme is my favorite! "
Liz D.
I’ll never eat another protein bar!
"I’m in love with Built Bar! They are seriously the best tasting and textured bar out there. I pop them in the fridge and it makes them feel like a candy bar which is amazing for someone with a sweet tooth like myself. "
Karlea J.
Love love love ūüíė the bars
"The bars are so good,the flavor of all the bars are wonderful. I bought the assorted group an so far the ones I had have been really good. Especially if you put them in the freezer."
Lynn T.
Built Bars
"Loved them...had them as a meal substitute and also as a dessert."
Margaret R.
"I love Built Bars. They taste just like your eating a candy bar!"
Kim A.
Build Bars are the best !
"I love this product ! My favorites are the orange , raspberry, and lemon ! They fill me up and stop my cravings for that sweet ! They are part of my daily regimen ! Thanks ! "
Deborah B.
Love Built Bars
"These bars are AMAZING!!!! My husband and I both eat them daily! "
Andrea H.
The Best protein bars I’ve ever had!
"Totally amazing and satisfying ! It’s like eating a real candy bar and it keeps me feeling full . I’m a fan for life! "
Cindi K.
Best Bar Ever!!!
"Best thing I’ve done in a long time was to order builtbar’s sample pack! They are awesome! I’ve reordered since and love the mixed box of bars. Lots of flavors to match my mood. Although orange is my fav!! Try them, you’ll love them. "
Debbie D.
Not a boring protein bar!!
"The best protein bar I have ever had!!!! Everyone from my teenage son to my 76 year old Dad loved them!!"
April R.
Mixed bar review
"We love them. So much better than other bars we have tried. "
cheri r.
Best bar!
"I enjoyed every flavor that is why I will buy them again. I told everyone at work about them too. "
Terri B.
Love Built Bars
"The shipping was super fast and these bars are delicious. "
Joni O.
Love the bars. Just perfect
"Love the bars. Just perfect for mid afternoon snack"
Janet B.
"Will continue to buy "
Kim S.
Loved this special!
"This was an awesome special that was ran! "
Kayleigh B.
Awesomely awesome!
"Great product for WW! Only 3 points a bar!"
Sharon K.
First Time Users Gives Thumbs Up
"Excellent flavor in all choices"
Laurie L.
Weight watcher
"This is my third order....excellent product, very often when I get hungry late afternoon I will reach for a built bar, because of the high protein it curbs my appetite. Keeping them in the refrigerator they r even better,"
Eileen K.
"I love the builtbar. My favorite on is the coconut bar."
Patty K.
Built bars
"Very good. Like the chocolate ones best."
Randee C.
Built Bars get a HIGH 5
"Simply scrumptious snack!! For only 3 WW spts! Tastes like a Candy Bar! Thank you for satisfying my sweet tooth! ūüíúūüíú"
Cindy R.

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